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August 2013 Information

8-19-13---Mrs. Patton's Class

Dear Parents,
            What a great first week of school!  We have 27 students in our class family and they are all amazing! I am very excited about this school year and getting to know each student. We are fortunate to have iPads for each third grader this year!  We will use them for AR, Acuity, Research, Skills Practice, Word Processing, Presentations and much more!   
            We plan to complete our reading and math testing on our iPads in the next few days so that we can begin a routine for learning in our class.
 Our schedule includes:
Lunch at 11:10------Recess 11:35-12:05-----Special class 1:26-2:15

            There are a few informational items that I also want you to know about:
Snacks—I offer a snack time at 12:30 each day.  Students can bring a single serving snack or purchase one from our “Snack Box” for .50ȼ. 

Rocket Math—We have started Rocket Math with the Addition sheets this week.  Soon your child will bring home a math sheet with 40 problems on the top and 40 on the bottom.  Students will need to practice these facts so that they can answer 40 problems in 90 seconds.  As they pass each paper at 100%, they advance to the next level.  We will work our way through addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  The multiplication is the big one for us!  As each student passes their final 100 sheet of multiplication in 4 minutes, they have earned their spot to the Rocket Math Field Trip in May! 

Book-It—We will begin the Pizza Hut Book-it reading program in September.

Reading Journals
—We are getting ready to create a special reading journal and need each student to bring in pictures of themselves, pets, hobbies, and family that they want to use on their journal.  Remember, we will be cutting and gluing these to our journals, so please send accordingly.  Please send enough to create a collage on the front and back cover of their journal.  We will start on these very soon. 

Our Web-Site—We have a classroom website that we will be using this year.  On it you will find spelling lists, upcoming events, and many great sites for student learning.  You can access it from home at:     emints3.purdyk12.com

Spelling—Third grade will have a spelling test bi-monthly.  The list is posted on our web-page and I have also attached a complete list for the year. 

The following information will be used so that I can contact you:

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________ 
Parent Names:______________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
Phone Number:_______________________ Cell: __________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________________

Please feel free to contact me at the following:
Email: lindap@purdyk12.com
Cell: 737-2955 (text or call)
School: 442-3217

Linda Patton

8-19-13---Ms. Willson's Class
Dear parents,
            I just wanted to take a few moments to go over procedures for our classroom which both third grades will be following.
Rocket Math
            Students will be expected to memorize the basic math facts of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  We feel that knowing these facts helps students build on a solid foundation as they move on to middle school and high school.  Students will be encouraged to take and pass one test each day, or at least 2-3 each week.  In order to pass these tests, students will bring home a practice sheet each night to practice with you.  You should listen to the student read the answers from the top half out loud to you.  Then when you think your child has mastered them, have him/her fold the paper and complete the bottom half in 90 seconds.  When they are successful in completing the bottom half, they are ready to take the test at school. Since there is Rocket Math homework, I will have students complete Side B of their Saxon math here at school.
Reading Homework
            Students will be expected to complete 60 minutes of reading at home with you each week.  This is to strengthen fluency and comprehension.  Students may select their own material for reading at home, which can include magazines, newspapers, library books, or any children’s books you have at home.  Students will color in one picture on their calendars for each 20 minutes read.  They need to read for 60 minutes each week, or 240 minutes for the month.  At the end of the month, please sign and return the student’s “Reading Homework Log” to school, and if they have completed their homework, they will be rewarded with an extra recess and a pizza from the “Book-It” program. Reading homework goes from September to April and the pizzas are awarded from October to March.
            Students in both classes will be allowed one snack each day at 12:30.  Snacks may either be brought from home or purchased for 50 cents from the teachers.  Students will not be allowed to purchase snacks from the snack machine.  Also, I want to remind you that pop is not allowed unless it is sent with lunch from home or is a reward from the teacher. Please send snacks that are finger-food type snacks and that don’t require a spoon.
            Students will have a spelling test every other week with the first test on Friday, September 13.  I am attaching a list of the entire year’s spelling lists so you know what to study with your child.  The list can also be found on the 3rd Grade Website by going to www.purdyk12.com and clicking on “elementary” and “emints3.” 
If you have any questions, please let me know.  My e-mail is sarahw@purdyk12.com .  You can also call the elementary at 442-3217 and I will return your call between 1:30 and 2:15 or after 3:00.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events for 3rd Graders:

8/13 First Day of School

8/16 Cherrydale Assemblies

9/6 Grandparents Day

9/13 Fall Photos

9/23 No School--Teacher Inservice